Zelgar is a 24-year-old human who is well liked and well respected in town for good reason: He’s a sensible, likable guy. As Sheriff Havenstone is fond of saying, “That boy doesn’t have a mean stone in his body.” At Havenstone’s insistence, Zelgar has been confined to the temple (which also contains his private quarters). The sheriff has two watchful guards standing in front of the temple at all hours and regular patrols circling the block.

Although healthy of build and good-looking, Zelgar puts on no airs. He serves Erathis and Pelor dutifully and gives of his time selflessly, placing the concerns of the town above his own. He has a cordial, easygoing manner and doesn’t like to burden people with his own problems. He’s never snide or condescending, but he quietly loses respect for those who exhibit morally questionable motivations and actions.

Zelgar loves his older brother very much, which makes the current situation all the more tragic. He knows that Ulmar won’t be frightened off by threats or shows of force. He also believes that if his brother’s curse cannot be lifted, then Ulmar must die—it’s the only other way to protect the town.

When the time comes for the adventurers to hunt down his brother, Zelgar insists on joining them as bait to lure Ulmar out of hiding. His brother’s too smart to be drawn into a face-to-face confrontation otherwise.

As a priest of Erathis and Pelor, Zelgar knows the following rituals: Cure Disease, Gentle Repose, Remove Affliction, and Speak with Dead. However, Zelgar only has enough gold in the temple coffers to perform Remove Affliction once—on his brother, preferably—and Speak with Dead once.

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