Tam’s Talons

Tams talons 002

An adventuring group who are the Fallcrest Cross City Race‘s champions for the past two years. Members include: Tam, a human female Paladin of Kord and the group’s leader; Grosh, a massive male half-orc Fighter; Arvan, a male drow Rogue; Kurik, a male dwarven Cleric of Tiamat; and Lenna, a human female Wizard.

The group informed Quinn about the possibility that Sir Oakley was looking for a group to take him to Gardmore Abbey. They also have alluded to having a big score coming, though what they are referring to isn’t clear.

Grosh and Lenna have both helped members of Just The Tip on occassion, while Kurik has seemed to act against the the Tip’s interests. It is unclear if Tam’s Talon’s are to be trusted or what their motivations are.

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Tam’s Talons

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