Sir Keegan

The legends of the Keep on the Shadowfell are known to only a handful of sages and scholars in this age of darkness. The truth is more tragic. Though the Shadowfell rift remains sealed, the dark creatures on the other side still exert their evil influence. Sir Keegan was an honorable knight, yet even his dedication slowly crumbled under the maddening whispers of Orcus’s minions from the Shadowfell. When his mind snapped, he suffered paranoid delusions that the people of the keep were all spies plotting to open the rift. While gripped by these delusions he attacked his own family and then the garrison, slaying his wife and children as well as many of his soldiers. Gravely wounded, he fled into the deep passages beneath the keep and hid. His senses returned while he rested and tended to his wounds. Crushed with remorse, he lay within a secret tomb in the dungeons and, rather than live with his guilt, drank a vial of poison. In time, his unquiet spirit animated his body and he continued to roam the catacombs in anguish and anger.

Just The Tip discovered Sir Keegan’s tomb and were able to convince him to listen to their pleas. When they convinced Sir Keegan that they intended to seal the rift forever, he entrusted to them his heirloom sword, Aecris; (currently missing).

Just The Tip returned to Sir Keegan after defeating Kalarel, they had lost one of their party (Daemon Kaaw) through the portal. Sir Keegan instructed the group that while it was certain death to enter the realm of Orcus, Sir Keegan (already being undead) might be able to rescue their friend. While Just The Tip battled the demons that came through the portal, Sir Keegan took Aecris back and went in search of Daemon Kaaw. Soon Daemon was thrown back through the portal and Sir Keegan’s voice could be heard yelling at the group to close the rift for good, he would stay and keep Orcus’ minions at bay. It is unknown whether Sir Keegan was stuck in Orcus’ realm after the portal closed, or if he was able to redeem himself and pass on to the next life.

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Sir Keegan

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