Silverclaw Clan

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Not much is known of the Silverclaw Clan other than what Leoven Darksbane could discern from the carnage when he found Beltumal. Based on the carnage, it looked as though the clan was comprised of a close-knit community; children, women, warriors, magic-users, and warlords.

The name “Silverclaw” was found written on the garb of the dragonborn, and the banners of the encampment. While alone this offers little clue as to the clan’s lineage, Leoven’s discovery of the amulets on the dragonborn bodies offers at the very least an association with Bahamut. This hypothesis is strengthened by the opposing forces’ clear association with Tiamat, the sworn enemy, and sister, of Bahamut.

Leoven’s research into clans of the ancient Arkhosian Empire has surprisingly produced little information. While the Cult of Tiamat is widely known, and different sects devoted to Bahamut can be found in many cultures, including Arkhosian, there is no clear reference to its existence.

Beltumal has been searching for any information he can find on the Silverclaw Clan, in the hopes that he may discover more about his heritage, his family, and perhaps his purpose in the world.


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Silverclaw Clan

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