Shrine of the Winged

High atop the southernmost spire of Diyun and reachable only by steps carved into the rock which are as much ladder as stairway, the Shrine of the Winged is a place of meditation and reflection. Much of Diyun is visible from its lofty height, from the green water at its feet to the gilded palaces that form its crown. Visitors are kept to a minimum by a druid who sits at the base of the stairs, telling prospective guests whether they can ascend immediately or must wait for someone to come back down. This arrangement ensures that callers at the shrine can be alone with their thoughts and with the many birds that nest in the trees and eaves of the shrine.

There is a small alcove dedicated to the worship of Bahamut at the top of the spire. It is not as popular in a city filled with aspects of greed and vices, but serves as a small reminder and beacon of hope. It is here where Beltumal found himself the morning he was transported to Just the Tip, looking for a quiet place to meditate on his duties and the task before him in Diyun.

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Shrine of the Winged

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