Quinn Quernes

“Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.”

Quinn quernes

Quinn was left in a basket at the edge of a forest, found and 
brought into a village of Dusk Elves. Here he was raised as one of there own, yet 
never quite feeling accepted. Quinn was always standing up for any of the other elven
 children being picked on never knowing why, only feeling that it was “right”.
 Captivated whenever the elves enjoyed a religious holiday or even a ceremonial 
service set in him a hunger for knowledge of his history not only of his lineage 
but of the world beyond the forest. With the blessing of his adopted parents Quinn left elven society and ventured forth to Sarthel on a trade caravan having nothing other than the 
clothes on his back and hope in his heart.

For a short period, Quinn took refuge in any holy house that would have him, learning the basics of 
their respected religions and customs. After arriving in Sarthel, he grew enthralled with the followers of Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon. The many priests all took a liking to young Quinn quite quickly, charmed by his affinity for knowing
 right from wrong, and always making sure any argument was settled fairly. When Quinn heard a 
slavers caravan was coming through town, he left one evening and returned with all the slaves freed
 and pleading for sanctuary, the tale will always be remembered by the priests and told to all the young deacons.

When Quinn was of age he was brought into the circle of paladins and trained in their ways, years were spent training with weapons, armours, and divine prayers, even a full year in contemplative solitude. Quinn’s fellow paladins heard of tales of a rising evil in the Nentir Vale and entrusted Quinn with the task of setting out and gathering information in hopes of preparing a response. Knowing full well the many richness’ of the world Quinn can be lenient towards fellow party members actions, but will speak his mind if he feels someone is being far from agreeable with their attitudes.

Character Sheet: Quinn Quernes

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Quinn Quernes

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