Nerath was a human empire that rose to power after the fall of Bael Turath and Arkhosia. Although it was lead by humans, many other races comprised the empire and were brought together under its rule. Under the Nerath empire the Common language became widespread as a means of fostering cooperation between races. Common has persisted as the language of choice for nearly all Nentirians when interacting with those outside of their own race.

Nerath fell after centuries of power, just like the great empires before it. The fall of Nerath has left many ruins across the former empire. However, it has left a legacy of interracial cooperation that many still adhere to. See Nerathi Customs

The boundaries of the ancient empire of Nerath were marked by the tangled depths of the Winterbole Forest to the north, the majestic Dawnforge Mountains to the east, the verdant Golden Savannah to the south, and the rugged Stonemarch mountain range to the west. Only ruins and small, isolated settlements now dot the once-populous area.
To the southeast, beyond the southern tip of the Dawnforge Mountains, lie lands once claimed by both the tieflings of Bael Turath and the dragonborn of Arkhosia. These lands are now a war-ravaged wasteland.

Timeline (NF stands for Nerath’s Founding)

  • -175 NF – King Magroth founds the city-state of Nera. At fifteen years of age, Magroth founds what will one day be the imperial capital, lights the legendary Flame Imperishable, and leads the growing Nerai legions on decades-long marches of expansion that claim many vassal states under his banner.
  • -100 NF – Nera’s influence continues to expand, claiming fields and mountains as wise kings bring justice and order to a world still ravaged by Bael Turath’s iniquities.
  • 0 NF – The city-state of Nera, having united much of the known world, for the first time calls itself the Nerath Empire.
  • 125 NF – Karkothi Empire and Nerath go to war. (Dr399, “The Seven Kings of Karkoth”)
  • 145 NF – Tarmagel, the Nerathi prince, invades the Iron Wolf lands at the head of a mighty army to put an end to the barbarian raiding of Nerathi lands. They ally against a common orc threat. Tarmagel marries the chieftain’s daughter.
  • 185 NF – Karkoth is defeated by Nerath and stripped it of its conquests.
  • 255 NF – Lord Kalton of Kalton Manor mysteriously disappears
  • 275 NF – Gardmore Abbey is destroyed by evil forces after the paladins reputedly brought back a dark artifact for safekeeping.
  • 325 NF – The Empire of Nerath begins to crumble, the Fall of Nerath involves an invasion of orcs, gnolls, goblins, demons, and perhaps a secret curse. The mysterious Ruler of Ruin leads the hordes. King Elidyr recalls the garrisons from the frontiers, urging them to surrender their posts to shore up the cities against the hordes. Many return to their native lands, but some stay behind to shield the flagging kingdom against the other arrayed enemies as they had since the kingdom first spread beyond its first cities. King Elidyr leads his armies against gnolls marching beneath the Ruler of Ruin’s banner. More than half of Nerath’s strongholds are razed in the war. King Elidyr, along with his heirs and trusted nobles, falls in battle. The battle breaks the Nerath Empire and leads to its downfall.
  • 325 NF – When Nerath fell, the world descended into chaos. While civilization was weak, the demon lord Yeenoghu, ancient enemy of the minotaurs, sent an immense horde of gnolls to stake his claim upon the world. The Guardian Clan of minotaurs, led by Asteron Stonesplitter formed an alliance with the civilized races, and with their combined might they defeated the gnolls and drove them back into the wild. Other minotaur clans attacked the Guardians as traitors to the Horned King. After many years’ journey, they followed the Mistroad River through the Stone Forest valley and up the side of Sentinel Peak and founded Mistwatch.
  • 330 NF – With the collapse of imperial authority, the leading noble families of Sarthel established a Council of Lords to govern the city. The arid plains and dry woodlands east of Lake Sarn are virtually depopulated in the great wars that marked the end of Nerath.
  • 425 NF – The current year

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