Melech Darksoul


Male Tiefling Necromancer; Location Unknown

Melech Darksoul was encountered by Just The Tip in the crypts built into the Mooncliffs, hidden in theTombwood. Melech was building undead animates out of the remains of paladins and clerics of Pelor, whose bodies he was removing from their final resting place. Adept at the dark arts of necromancy, Melech’s skills seemed to be desired by the Fell Court, who he mentions when Just The Tip finds his secret lair. Melech was defeated by Just The Tip, shaven bare by Thorn, but his pleas for mercy are granted when he shows them a treasure trove he has collected from the bodies of those he mutilated and reanimated. While Just The Tip was distracted by their shiny new items, Melech Darksoul disappeared.

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Melech Darksoul

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