Lord Padraig

Descended from the nobleman first granted the guardianship of Winterhaven by the old Nerath Empire, the Padraig family has long been well-liked by the people of Winterhaven. Although Lord Ernest Padraig has the respect of his people, he is still constrained by the traditions of the Lord Warden imperial title which limits his ability to act — for example, he is unable to conscript the free folk of Winterhaven into a military force to defend Winterhaven and the Gardbury Downs from serious threats. Dependent on volunteers and vassals, Lord Padraig does his best to protect the people of Winterhaven from the monsters and raiders of the wilds.

Lord Padraig enlisted the adventurers of Just The Tip to deal with a group of kobolds who were harassing the town. This lead to the group investigating Shadowfell Keep and discovering that Kalarel was trying to open a portal to Orcus’ realm. The lives of many villagers were lost because Lord Padraig did not take the groups warnings seriously at first, something that weighs heavily on his conscience.

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Lord Padraig

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