House Azaer

A small, well-off trading company, House Azaer is owned by the tieflings of the Azaer family. They import goods (including arms and armor) from Hammerfast, Harkenwold, and the lands to the south, and organize caravans up to Winterhaven several times a year. House Azaer is an excellent place to purchase nearly any mundane equipment from the Player’s Handbook, although its prices are a little on the high side.

Amara Azaer is in charge of the house business in Fallcrest, and spends her time on the premises. Though young, the tiefling is quite sharp and doesn’t miss an opportunity for profit in running the Azaer business.

  • Bracers of Mighty Striking (Level 2, 530gp, 1 available)
  • +1Weapon of Long Range (Level 2, 530gp, 1 available)
  • +1 Armor of Dark Majesty (Level 4, 850gp, UNCOMMON)
  • +1 Collar of Recovery (Level 4, 850gp, 1 available)
  • +2 Amulet of Protection (Level 6, 1810gp, 1 available)
  • +2 Deathsteel Weapon (Level 7, 2610gp, 1 available)
  • +2 Haunted Armor (Level 7, 2610gp, 1 available)
  • +2 Rod of Dark Reward (Level 7, 2610gp, 1 available)
  • +2 Lesser Cloaked Weapon (Level 7, 2610gp, 1 available)

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House Azaer

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