Grok Thornsteed


Grok grew up in Sarthel, ran in predominantly human thief/odd job circles (being that it was a rag-tag guild situation in a more impoverished part of a major city, in the port district) with the occasional outcast race members in a similar situation to Grok’s (foreign race, brought up in major city with affinity towards humans and little if any ties to their original culture or heritage). His alignment is good, and he is more of a “Robin Hood” in the sense that he has compromised his own jobs for the sake of upholding his beliefs as well as protected the less fortunate in life-threatening situations. He was a doorman for a brothel in his teen years, and would often deal with rough customers.

Others react to him as they would a half-orc, an immediate bias and assumption that he is ill-natured, but his demeanour usually reflects that of his human and dwarf counterparts, cheerful and seeking company in a bar. This is also partially his ruse, although naturally aligned with good, he uses the perception of being a friendly drunk to his advantage. This often falls short if people get hung up on the fact that he’s half-orc, but works otherwise.

He is most comfortable in slums and anywhere liquor is served, has a high disdain for aristocrats and the wealthy, but generally trusts humans of good alignment (such as paladins). In terms of how he reacts to the other characters in the group, he regards Quinn Quernes as the group’s “true” leader because of his background and nature, straight up doesn’t trust tieflings (although is forming a competitive friendship unknowingly with Daemon Kaaw) and is weary/challenging of the other two being of a natural and not metropolitan upbringing (the majority of his background and knowledge centres on big cities).

Character Sheet – Grok Thornsteed

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Grok Thornsteed

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