Grifnar's Fine Weapons

Grifnar’s Fine Weapons is a small weapon shop and smithy tucked away down a side alley in the Fallcrest district of Hightown. A sign hanging above the door depicts a troll crouched over a bubbling cauldron, with two stubby arms bobbing in the stew. Anyone viewing the sign instantly realizes that the arms are Grifnar’s, even if they have never met the dwarf. The thought pops into the mind, unbidden but unshakeable. The shop is crafted from expertly fitted stone blocks and resembles a giant, stone cube. There are no windows and only a single, iron door with a view slit directly beneath the sign. Its teetering, brick chimney is the shop’s only distinguishing trait—from the outside. The interior of the shop is dominated by a forge and various tools, along with ingots of iron, copper, and other metals. A trapdoor leads down to a storage chamber where Grifnar keeps his wares on display. His ‘showroom’ is in the basement because it’s more secure and stays cooler than the rest of the shop. The dwarf crafts mundane items and common magical weapons of up to 15th level upon request.

  • +1 Anointed Mace (Level 3, 680gp, 1 available)
  • +1 Shielding Blade (Level 4, 840gp, 1 available)
  • +2 Axe of Sundering (Level 7, 2600gp, 1 available)
  • +2 Vicious Weapon (Level 7, 2600gp, 1 available)
  • +2 Chieftan’s Weapon (Level 8, 3400gp, 1 available)
  • +2 Hammer of Victory (Level 9, 4200gp, 1 available)

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Grifnar's Fine Weapons

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