The dwarf Grifnar is a grouch with a long, gray beard. He is balding and is almost always covered with a layer of soot streaked with sweat. His teeth are crooked and discolored, and his unfortunate diet gives his breath a noticeable pungency (he is convinced that eating raw onions wards away the undead). Grifnar wears ragged pants, hobnail boots, and a shabby tunic beneath his leather apron.

The dwarf’s personality matches his appearance. He tries to be personable when there’s potential for a sale—he escorts buyers into his basement showroom and fawns over them while displaying his wares—but his personality often overpowers his intentions, so even his best behavior can be gruff. When not trying to exercise restraint, he is crass, loud, aggressive, and lacking in any shred of tact.

Grifnar’s greatest fault is his disdain for elves, which manifests in a blistering contempt that he struggles unsuccessfully to reign in. The sign above his shop is a “gift” from Aldanian, an elf who crafts and sells implements in town. Aldanian enchanted it so that Grifnar sees his proud coat of arms with two axes crossed over a shield, just as it’s always been. All other folk see a hungry troll about to snack on Grifnar’s limbs. The dwarf has no idea that Aldanian swapped out his original sign for this one. Pointing it out to him only confuses him.

Grifnar has several nephews who work for him, as well as an apprentice named Gromdol, a young dwarf indentured to Grifnar by his clan. He hopes to learn enough from the old dwarf to return home and forge weapons for use against the giants and orcs that menace his people. Gromdol has brown hair and a short beard. Unlike Grifnar, he is quiet, polite, and easygoing. He will try to warn new customers not to talk about the sign, if anyone appears about to mention it.

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