Demons aren’t subtle, but then every rule has its exception. Graz’zt is the schemer of the Abyss, and he constantly plots against Demogorgon and Orcus from his realm of Azzagrat. Graz’zt uses seduction, guile, and trickery as his weapons, launching demonic hordes only after his intrigues leave enemies in disarray. Known also as the Dark Prince, Graz’zt appears and acts more human than other demon princes. However, he is capable of atrocities to rival even the most sadistic demons. Graz’zt has black skin, six small horns atop his head, and six digits on each hand and foot.

Graz’zt was once a devil and a trusted advisor to Asmodeus, who charged Graz’zt with invading the Abyss and seizing the evil seed that created it. Graz’zt’s initial invasion was successful, and he managed to seize three layers of the Abyss. However, pressure from Orcus and Demogorgon stalled Graz’zt’s descent toward the heart of evil. Graz’zt eventually rejected his heritage and turned the conquered territory into his own kingdom. Today, he is one of the most powerful demon princes. And whether he truly spurned the Nine Hells or is secretly colluding with Asmodeus is known only to Graz’zt. Regardless, that doesn’t preclude a change of allegiances later.

Graz’zt cultivates an atmosphere of indolence and lassitude within his horrid palace. The outward decadence of his court masks the truth, though: The palace is a nexus of schemes that extend throughout the planes and across the centuries.

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