Fallcrest Guard

The Fallcrest Guard numbers sixty warriors, who also serve as constables. The Captain of the Guard is Nathan Faringray, and he is assisted by four sergeants: Sergeant Thurmina (Five-Arch Bridge); Sergeant Nereth ( Knight’s Gate); Sergeant Murgeddin ( Wizard’s Gate); and Sergeant Gerdrand ( King’s Gate). Moonstone Keep is their barracks, at any given time 20 guardsmen are on patrol, 20 are on the gates and 20 are in the barracks on their day off. The Lord Warden can call up 350 militia when needed, though they take at least a day to compile themselves.

The presence of the Fallcrest Guard is particularly thin in Lowtown, allowing Melech Ambrose to carve out an small empire of his own, as well as allowing both the River Rats and The Porter’s Guild to get a strong foothold in their particular fields.

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Fallcrest Guard

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