Diyun (Dee-yoon) is the city to the South of Nera, from which Beltumal Silverclaw was teleported when summoned by Just The Tip.

It is known to travelers as the Hanging City for many reasons. Visitors marvel at its cliffside rope bridges and gawk at its many hanging prison cells, temporary homes to ruffians, spies, thieves, and, worst of all, gambling cheats. She is a city built on vice; her two true loves are food and gaming, and she overindulges in both. Ruled by a fat, charismatic overlord whose wealth and fabled skill at games draws enthusiasts from across the land, Diyun is a crossroads for some and a destination for others.

Most buildings in Diyun are cut into the high, gray walls of the river canyon, between thirty and sixty feet off the ground. Their entrances are linked together by rope bridges and bamboo scaffolding, whose precarious footing can prove treacherous to the unwary. People approaching Diyun from the busy river landings must either be hoisted up in cages or lifts, or climb many stories of rope-and-plank stairs. Travelers coming overland must descend narrow, treacherous stairways meant to funnel and obstruct attackers in the event of a siege.

Guests in Diyun might encounter great hospitality and luxury, or squalid ruin. The city was built in and above ancient caves, some of which were once home to a variety of monsters. In other areas, tombs and shrines were carved into the cliffs by later residents. Most of these caverns, both natural and chiseled, now have wooden fronts and anterooms affixed to the cliffs outside. Inside, the re-purposed temples are decorated with gaudy fabric and fancy furniture to create a feeling of casual luxury that has become synonymous with Diyun.

At its highest point, far above the river, the city is posh and palatial. In its middle reaches, bustling throngs crowd into low-ceilinged gaming dens, smokey taverns, and paper-walled tea-houses. In the lowest areas, poor travelers and beaten-down residents throw stones and dice to test their luck, catch fish in the sluggish river, and sometimes disappear into the network of caves at the waterline, never to be seen again.

Currently, not much more is known about this city by Just The Tip, although further research at major cities of trade into its history, magical or religious properties, geographical location, foundational blueprints, or common street rumors may turn up more information.


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At The Waterline…

1. The Green Stone City

2. White Branch Caves

The Middle Reaches…

3. Gorugo’s House of Games

4. The Perfect Blade Teahouse

Atop the Hanging City…

5. The Royal Treasure Game House

6. Kagamungo’s Palace

7. Shrine of the Winged

8. White Lotus Academy

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