DEMOGORGON, PRINCE OF DEMONS, is a two-headed monstrosity who commands the fear and respect of deities, devils, demons, and primordials alike. His followers embrace wanton destruction, and his wars against Orcus and Graz’zt have raged across the Abyss for eons. Only Demogorgon’s two competing minds keep his mad ambitions in check.

The Prince of Demons is cunning, cruel, envious, and ferocious even for a demon. He sees both sides of every problem and has plenty of attention to spare for his cosmos-spanning cult of sadism and destruction.

Demogorgon’s worshipers include troglodytes, kuo-toa, and other humanoids that exult in mindless violence and destruction. In times of chaos, humans and others flock to Demogorgon’s cult. Demogorgon’s priests teach that through savagery, strength, and slaughter, followers thrive and multiply where others fade and die. When war wracks the land- particularly when hordes of monsters sweep over bastions of civilization, leaving them in ruin— Demogorgon’s cult grows strong.

Although Demogorgon’s cult is small, it leaves a terrible swath of destruction across the land. Demogorgon’s cultists organize themselves into crude war bands, relying on battle madness and wrath to overpower their enemies. They wander from town to town, burning and looting everything in their paths. Like miniature aspects of their lord’s wrath, they destroy all they see.

No commentary on Demogorgon is complete without mention of Dagon, a mighty demon lord who prowls the deepest waters of the Abyss. If Demogorgon is the machine of destruction, Dagon is the cool, calculating mind behind it, sowing chaos in subtle, intricate ways. Dagon, Lord of the Depths, is an oracle and sage among demons. Creatures of the Abyss, and those brave or foolish enough to seek his counsel, offer him powerful artifacts and favors in return for shares of his knowledge.

The rough alliance between Dagon’s intellect and Demogorgon’s brute strength makes their combined power formidable. Dagon whispers his knowledge into each of Demogorgon’s heads —never both at the same time— thus playing a significant role in the tension between Demogorgon’s two minds.

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