Daemon Kaaw


Little is known of Daemon before he joined Just The Tip, his fellow group members only know that he came from a village called Cliche, which was wiped out by orcs when he was young. Who his patron that grants him his Infernal powers is, or what he did before coming to Fallcrest is currently a mystery.

During a battle with the Orcus cultist Kalarel, Daemon was pulled into a portal to Orcus’s realm, where he was captured by the Demon-Prince. Since time in the Shadowfell goes much more quickly than that of the natural plane, Daemon’s journey felt like ten years to him. Daemon was tortured for several years, in this time, he was branded and forced into hard labour. An unsuccessful escape was tried by Daemon on his own, during which he sustained a gouge from the side of his mouth, leaving part of his cheek exposed and open. Also, from years of breathing in hot air and ash while working the forced labour, his larynx is full of scar tissue, leaving his voice badly distorted.

He was able to break free from his torture through the combined efforts of his fellow prisoners in a complex and well coordinated escape plan. This experience taught Daemon what can be gained from teamwork, especially with careful preparation. After the escape, Daemon and the other captives went their separate ways. Daemon went out on his own to survive, killing and hunting, sleeping on the ground, not speaking to anyone for months at a time. His memory of the events is blurred, almost dream-like, with flashes of what happened to him rather than detailed accounts, possibly due to the time distortion that happens in the Shadowfell.

Daemon was eventually found by Sir Keegan, who had been sent to find him, and together they fought their way back to the portal that brought Daemon to the Shadowfell. As Orcus and his undead minions tried to slay them, Sir Keegan held off the horde and Daemon was able to slip through the portal and rejoin Just The Tip.

Daemon returned a changed man, while he values teamwork and planning in a way he never did before, he also has some bitterness towards the group for what he sees as their lack of action while he languished in Orcus’ domain. This was exacerbated by the fact that Orcus would force Daemon to listen to snippets of conversations between his friends trying to decide if they could save him or not. In the end, Daemon wishes they had acted faster, as every second was months to him, yet he also understands that they made a plan and executed it in a way that brought him back from the Shadowfell.

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Daemon Kaaw

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