Beltumal Silverclaw

Baltumal silverclaw

Leoven Darksbane was traveling to the White Lotus Academy near Diyun to become one of their new professors when he discovered the site of a savage battle between two dragonborn forces. One side appeared to be followers of Bahamut, with the clan name Silverclaw written in Iokharic across their garb and banners. The other dragonborn force were Tiamat cultists. Leoven found no survivors at the site, and he found evidence of dragons having fought there as well.

It was while Leoven searched the ruins of the site that he discovered a dragonborn hatchling clutched in its mother’s arms, shielded from the carnage at the expense of her life. The hatchling had odd colorings for a dragonborn; dark blue and light gray scales, and light blue eyes.

Next to the female dragonborn was what appeared to be an amulet bearing the crest of Bahamut. Leoven scooped up the hatchling with the amulet, and carried it away from the destruction. He named the hatchling Beltumal Silverclaw, a mixture of eladrin and dragonborn names, and took him to the White Lotus Academy to raise him as his own child.

Beltumal was raised to speak Elven as well as Draconic, studied Dragonborn and Eladrin history, and upon the discovery of his Arcane talents, Leoven trained him as a sorcerer, recognizing his abilities as something more than Wild or Storm magic. He uses dragon magic to fuel his powers. It comes as easily to him as breathing his own dragon breath, but Leoven was intent on instilling him with the discipline to properly wield his power with control.

It is through Leoven that Beltumal learned to value his own heritage, the principles of honor and justice, and seeks to learn as much as possible about what it means to be Dragonborn. He also searches for any information he can find of his clan, the Silverclaws. All he knows is that they must worship Bahamut, and oppose the forces of Tiamat. Beltumal tirelessly searches for any answers he can find.

Once he graduated from the White Lotus Academy, he moved to Diyun close by, and it was here that he lived, researched, and trained before the events that led to his encounter with Just the Tip.

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Beltumal Silverclaw

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