All That Glitters

Run by local recluse Catseye, this shop is near the Lower Quays in Fallcrest. It stands on a side street, facing some ruins and the bluffs beyond. Although Catseye keeps irregular hours, she usually opens for business sometime after lunch and closes just before dusk. Her shop is a plain building with barred windows and a single, stout wooden door. Shelves and display cases laden with trinkets, baubles, and curios crowd its interior. Although most of her merchandise is of little interest to adventurers, Catseye keeps a few common magic items on hand, along with the occasional special find like the black star pendant.

  • +1 Amulet of Life Protection (Level 2, 520gp, 1 available)
  • +1 Amulet of Health (Level 3, 680gp, 1 available)
  • +2 Brooch of Unerring Defense (Level 9, 4200gp, 1 available)
  • +3 Black Star Pendant (Level 15, 25,000gp, RARE): The black star pendant is a complex, thirteen-pointed star wrought from silver. It contains a sliver of shadow-substance, the raw matter discarded by the primordials at creation’s dawn. Such raw material is both rare and powerful. When harnessed, it bestows upon its user the power to meld with darkness and become living shadow.

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All That Glitters

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