Aldanian, proprieter of The Art of Magic, is a wood elf of middle age who crafts and sells implements in the The Market Green. He has a small tent from which he sells an array of magical items, scrolls and potions, and he is also willing to perform rituals, for a fee. Aldanian takes a special interest in crafting items that would please Corellon, Melora and Sehanine, so implements such as Songbows, Wands, and Staffs are often available.

It is Aldanian who is responsible for the hilarious sign above Grifnar’s shop. He enchanted it so that Grifnar sees his proud coat of arms with two axes crossed over a shield, just as it’s always been. All other folk see a hungry troll about to snack on Grifnar’s limbs. The dwarf has no idea that Aldanian swapped out his original sign for this one.

Aldanian is also one of the past winners of the Cross City Race, having won it as a young elf close to 50 years ago.

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