Tag: Primordial


  • Ogremoch

    With his passage, the ground trembles. Known by many names- the Stone Tyrant, Lord of the Black Earth, Prince of Elemental Earth- Ogremoch is one of several [[Primordials | primordials]] who serves the [[Tharizdun | Elder Elemental Eye]]. Through his …

  • Solkara

    She is the fury of the tsunami that crashes upon the shore, leaving broken wood and shattered stone in its wake. She is the impossible weight of the bottomless depths, against which no living thing can stand. Solkara, the Crushing Wave, is a [[Primordials …

  • Alu Kahn Sang

    Raging across the [[Elemental Chaos | Elemental Chaos]] is a continent sized dust storm known as the Wind of Destruction. A great and terrifying cloud of shrieking winds and flying grit, the storm is capable of stripping flesh from bone in seconds. But …

  • Alyolvoy

    An obscure primordial of water and mud. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Atropus

    A vast primordial of undeath, spawner of the atropals. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Balcoth

    During the [[Dawn War]], Balcoth remained behind the front lines. The battle of steel and divine power against flame, ice, and lightning did not entice him from his sanctum, even though his fire titan heritage cried out to burn the [[Deities | divine …

  • Ben-hadar

    Of all the good [[Primordials | archomentals]], Ben-hadar, the Valorous Tempest, called Prince of the Emerald Tide and Coral Lord, has withdrawn the most and remains cloistered in his fabulous coral palace beneath the [[Elemental Chaos | Elemental Chaos's …

  • Bristia Pel

    Archomental of fire, killed in battle against the [[Queen of Chaos]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Bryakus

    One of the most monstrous [[Primordials | primordials]] is Bryakus the Many-Headed, whose spilled blood spawned the first hydras. A vicious and terrible foe of the [[Deities | gods]] in the [[Dawn War]], Bryakus was named the Great Maw, his appetite never …

  • Bwimb

    Archomental, prince of evil ooze creatures; killed by [[Orcus]] but respawned as a new Bwimb. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Castanamir

    Castanamir, the Shattered Khan, was a brilliant general and tactician in the [[Dawn War]], whose cunning for battle allowed the elemental hordes to gain ground in the [[Astral Sea | Astral Sea]]. His success lured [[Io]] into the war, for even that …

  • Chan

    Chan is the patron of calm breezes, gentle sounds, and those elementals that reject the Abyss's corrupting influence. Although she is described in peaceful terms, the Silent One can become the harshest wind, the howling tornado, or the unrelenting tempest …

  • Chlimbia

    Archomental, prince of evil magma creatures. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Cryonax

    For all the uproar they foment and represent, for all the shows of force that one visits upon another, most of the elemental princes cancel each other out. Although the threat that any one of them presents to the world is great, the [[Primordials | …

  • Crystalle

    Archomental, prince of mineral creatures. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Ehkahk

    Archomental, prince of smoke creatures, ruler of Fume. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Entropy

    Held in a sphere of annihilation; now free? Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Erek-Hus

    Clove [[Io]] in two, then defeated by [[Bahamut]] and [[Tiamat]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Garash

    A primordial that vanished seeking the [[Shard of Evil]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Gargash

    Underdark primordial that cursed [[Torog]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Gazra

    Archomental, prince of ash creatures. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Haemnathuun

    Created abominations; its corpse floats in the [[Astral Sea | Astral Sea]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Heur-Ket

    The changes the [[Deities | gods]] made to the world and its people invited Heur-Ket's wrath, drawing the Storm Unabated from his great thunderhead castle. The mighty [[Primordials | primordial]] launched himself against the [[Deities | gods]] and their …

  • Iktha-Lau

    The [[Primordials | primordials]] did more than simply create the world. They hung it in space and set it in motion alongside the other celestial bodies that track across the heavens. The darkness of the void and the endless night surrounding the world is …

  • Ilmeth

    A slain primordial that exists as a vestige now. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Imix

    Several [[Primordials | archomentals]] emerged in the ages following the [[Dawn War]], only to be twisted toward darkness by the [[Tharizdun | Elder Elemental Eye]] and the bubbling wickedness spilling out from the [[The Abyss | Abyss]]. Other princes of …

  • Maegera

    Dormant fire primordial trapped under [[Gauntlgrym]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Miska

    Demonic primordial banished by [[Rod of Seven Parts]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Mual-Tar

    Somewhere within the nigh-infinite expanse of the [[Elemental Chaos | Elemental Chaos]] drifts a desolate plain of rock, timeless and unchanging amid the ever-changing entropy surrounding it. Storm clouds roil and churn above it, and lightning sweeps …

  • Murgremir

    Primordial of muck and decay that haunts the [[Blackmire]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Nehushta

    Primordial who created the fortress of [[Glaur]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Nekal

    Water primordial slain by [[Pelor]], [[Kord]], [[Bane]], [[Sehanine]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Nihil

    Primordial of unbeing, defeated by [[Bahamut]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Olhydra

    The Princess of Elemental Water, before her own imprisonment, attracted many followers in the mortal world and throughout the [[Elemental Chaos | Elemental Chaos]]. A fickle, violent entity, she embodied terrible storms lashing the shores and tidal waves …

  • Piranoth

    Primordial of earth, fire, frost; patron of giants. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Queen of Chaos

    Demonic primordial or obyrith now dormant in the [[Steaming Fen]], an [[Abyss | Abyssal layer]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Sehil

    Primordial killed by [[Kord]] in last battle of the [[Dawn War]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Shax

    Dead primordial of the sea; exists as a vestige now. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Sisanthak

    Ice primordial trapped on the astral mote [[Frostburn]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Syvexrae

    Petrified; her body serves as the palace of [[Doresain]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Tabrach-Ti

    First primordial to fall in Dawn War; slain by [[Bane]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Timesus

    A powerful primordial of dissolution, entropy. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Ty-h’kadi

    The lord of the storm elementals is a violent and unpredictable [[Primordials | primordial]]- a great, fickle monstrosity who swings between subtle rumbling and destructive outburst with little warning. If not for the efforts of [[Chan]], who tempers Ty-h …

  • Tziphal

    Primordial of folding earth, petrification, volcanoes; created many races with power of petrification. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Umboras

    Lured to [[Pandemonium]] by [[The Raven Queen | Raven Queen]] and trapped. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Uzrith

    An obscure primordial of earth and mud. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Vezzuvu

    Volcano primordial; trapped in a field of radiance. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Vorsheen

    Fire primordial trapped on the astral mote [[Frostburn]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Yan-C-Bin

    Yan-C-Bin, the prince of elemental air, also known as the Storm Born and the Howling Hatred, was the first of the princes of elemental evil to learn of the [[Tharizdun | Elder Elemental Eye]]. Yan-C-Bin has always valued secrets, and no one in the [[ …

  • Zaaman Rul

    Archomental, child of [[Imix]] and [[Bristia Pel]]. Elemental lore posits that [[Imix]], the Fire Lord, sired Zaaman Rul in a tryst with the princess of everlasting flame, [[Bristia Pel]], who was destroyed in the battle that led to the defeat and …

  • Zurtharak

    Earth primordial defeated by [[Moradin]]. Back to: [[Primordials]] [[Deities]] [[Main Page]]

  • Sunnis

    The [[Primordials | archomental]] named Sunnis, often called the True Stone, rules an underground principality from within a great cavern called the Sandfall. The place takes its name from the constant streams of sand that spill down from cracks in the …