Just the Tip

Episode 9

The Cult of Orcus, and Daemon's Terrible Odyssey

As a group, it was decided that they should try to extinguish the evil residing in this dungeon while they were well rested and prepared.

Sneaking forward to enter a hallway which branches into 3 different doorways, the group attempted to learn as much about their enemy as possible. They explore the right wing first, discovering a room in disrepair, with broken walls which reveal the main chamber that the central doors would lead into. They find priests changing, and what looks like streams of blood flowing on the floor.

They decide to explore the other wing, to gain more knowledge of the surrounding area to better prepare themselves for the coming battle. As they stealthily move down the hall, they spy 2 vampires in what appears to be the main corridor to the chamber. Deciding its best to start off their attack while they have the element of surprise, the group charges forward.

They quickly dispatch the 2 vampires, but the rest of the enemies in the chamber, including the cultists, move toward them. Entering the larger chamber, they see a large mosaic of the evil Demon-Prince Orcus on the ground, his mouth a gaping hole where streams of blood poor to the floor below. Through prolonged battle, and multiple attempted ambushes, the group prevails and finds themselves in the middle of the chamber amongst their enemies’ corpses.

They decide to rest and search the bodies. However, before they can even begin this, Thorn kicks a dead foe down the hole, perhaps out of boredom, and flies down after it. Ky screams for Thorn to stop, but as he reaches the floor below, an echo of chanting suddenly halts, and he is left blinded in the dark, since he was not fully healed from the previous encounter, and his eye-sight was affected from an enemy’s attack. The group cannot see anything below, but whoever is down there has become clearly aware of their presence.

The rest of the group quickly moves to follow, Paul, Grok, and Beltumal are the first to reach below. Paul and Beltumal feel their holy items warmly glow once they reach the ground, and feel a sense of protection surrounding them. Once Beltumal is aware of this, he yells up to the rest of the group to each grab a platinum silver dragon statue they found earlier from the temple, as they should offer some protection against these forces.

As the rest of the group lowers themselves to the ground, they see that a ritual was underway, and a huge portal on the East side of the chamber was emitting a dark, sinister energy, a portal in which something huge was attempting to escape.

Skeletons were advancing on the group, and despite destroying many upon first contact, they seem to rise up completely intact. A reaper is the culprit for raising the skeletons, and a huge skeleton champion is intent on flattening the party. Grok has been pulled towards the portal several times during the encounter, a giant shadow claw grasping out to try and pull him within the portal.

The chief Orcus cultist reveals himself as Kalarel, and enters the fray to dispose of the party. Daemon attempts a bold move to try and dispose of Kalarel as quickly as possible, but inadvertently draws the attention of whatever creature resides behind the portal. Without warning, Daemon is pulled right into the portal and disappears. Kalarel laughs with delight and continues to fight.

Daemon’s companions are shocked, and fight with renewed fervor to destroy the enemies and discover a way to save their comrade. When they finally come to the point of dealing a killing blow to Kalarel, he beckons the power of Orcus to save him. A shadow hand stretches out from the portal, grabs Kalarel, and pulls him into the shadow realm, his laugh echoing around the chamber as he leaves.

The group rests for a moment, discussing their options, and what might be done to rescue Daemon. They search the room, looking for anything that might help them bring Daemon back, and close the gate. They discover the book Kalarel was reading from to summon Orcus, but it does not state how to close the portal, or how to bring someone who went through it, back into their world.

Beltumal wonders if the platinum dragon idols they hold might serve as a link between them and Daemon, since he has the sixth idol on his person. They attempt praying to Bahamut, but with no answer, and Thorn’s inquiry about the temple to Bahamut from earlier, Beltumal suggests they travel to the temple to seek aid, perhaps even to ask Sir Keegan what might be done.

Once in the temple, the group beckons that Sir Keegan help them retrieve their friend. Sir Keegan, seeing their need for his help, agrees, as anyone who travels into that realm will surely die. He bravely goes through to rescue their friend, taking back the sword Aecris; (currently missing) to do battle, and instructs the group to guard the gate from anything that attempts to pass through.

The group positions themselves around the portal, and engage with the massive demons which pass through, fighting to buy Sir Keegan the time he requires. They hear the sounds of battle on the other side of the portal, and after defeating all the demons, Sir Keegan throws Daemon through the portal, looking much older, worn, distressed, and with a glowing brand of Orcus on his chest. Sir Keegan thanks the group for this last chance at redemption, and then the group closes the gate.

Quinn, Ky, Beltumal, and Paul decide to explore the rest of the dungeon to insure no evil remains, while Thorn and Grok remain with Daemon. They destroy a few remaining zombies and a gelatinous cube before discovering the tomb of Sir Keegan’s children. They find a few useful magical items, but dare not take anything else, as they wish not to disturb the children’s resting place. Upon traveling back to their companions, they find a common room used by the guards, and take a package of Everlasting Provisions left on the table for their group.

‘Just the Tip’ travels back to Winterhaven, to rest, re-arm, and prepare for whatever comes next.

Notes: The group also found during this episode: Elven Cloak, Rhythm Blade Dagger +1, Sacrificial Dagger, Eagle Eye Goggles, Horned Helm, and a strange card depicting the Fates


That one was the shit. Thorn is itching for a chance to cause even greater mayhem!

Episode 9

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