Just the Tip

Episode 13

A Nentirian Werewolf in Silvergrail

Having learned from the dead werewolf that Ulmar is using a farmhouse outside of town as his base, Just The Tip decides to leave immediately to arrive before dawn, when Ulmar usually returns with the pack from hunting.

At a crossroads on their way to the farmhouse, Ky’Vruck finds a family hiding from the werewolf pack. They were chased from their home and have been running all night, with the werewolves close on their heels. Howls ring from the woods nearby and soon enough three dire wolves arrive at the crossroads. Riding the dire wolves are a werewolf and two hyena headed creatures, that turn out to be Gnolls. As soon as the werewolf spies Zelgar, they forget about their quarry and charge at the priest of Pelor, intent on capturing him for their master, Ulmar. As the group attempts to avoid the lethal attacks of the dire wolves, both Daemon and Grok are bitten by the werewolf, but luckily do not contract Moon Frenzy. The battle is close, but the adventurer’s eventually prevail, killing the werewolf and his minions. The family feels safe enough now to make the short journey to Silvergrail and to thank their saviours, the father removes a family heirloom from a sack he’s carrying. It turns out to be a heavily used Armor of Dark Majesty, which Daemon quickly accepts.

Approaching the farmhouse, the group hears the screams of a child coming from the second floor. Feeling that there is little time to waste, the group surges forward. Thorn decides to head straight for the screams, bounding out of wolf form to jump and climb up the outside of the house to the second floor. While the rest of the group heads for the main floor, Quinn Quernes also climbs to the second floor, and then using his massive strength (as well as his Safewing Amulet), smashes through the ceiling to land amid several very startled Gnolls. It seems the Gnolls have been left by Ulmar to guard several human prisoners, a family as well as an older and a younger man that look to be separate from the family unit. Quinn, along with Grok, Daemon and Ky, engage the Gnolls (Ky jumping through a window and loosing arrows, while Daemon and Grok use hit and run tactics from the other doorway), while upstairs Thorn finds himself facing two large Gnolls of his own. In the ensuing battle, things go fairly well for the group downstairs, they are able to hold their own against the enemy, even dealing with the Death-Pledged Gnolls who won’t seem to stay dead. Thorn on the other hand is knocked unconscious and very close to death, stranded alone on the second floor. The Gnoll Gorgers who were upstairs decide they liked Quinn’s tactic and also smash through the floor to land amongst the combatants. With Thorn holding on by the slimmest of threads, and Paul of Quar otherwise engaged, Zelgar rushes to the second floor to heal Thorn, arriving just in time. With Thorn back in the fight, the battles tide seems to turn and the gnolls are finally dispatched.

Having already faced several werewolves posing in human form, the group is wary of these prisoners. Before releasing them, they decide to test them all to make sure they truly are human. The family all agree to touch a silver arrowhead, but the two other prisoners are wary of the group and refuse. Thorn steps forward and presses the arrowhead to the older of the two, and as he does the man morphs from his human shape into that of a wolf and attacks!



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