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Episode 11

Mooncliff Tombs

Having bested the Flameskull and his minions at the tomb entrance, the group plunges into the darkness in search of adventure and treasure. They find themselves in a very old crypt that winds down into the cliffside. From the sarcophagi they can see, it appears to be a burial place for an order of Knights and Clerics of Pelor. Out of the gloom several hovering balls of dust approach, these tomb motes attack with razor sharp teeth, but are quickly cut down by the group. As the sarcophagi are opened, more of these tomb motes attack, but are dispatched with ease. Inside one sarcophagi, the only one which has a body inside, the adventurers find a Healer’s Shield which is given to Paul of Quar.

Down the stairs the group sees flickering torchlight which they follow, finding themselves in a larger crypt. From down one long corridor, two skeletal archers burst from coffins, raining arrows down on the group. Pushing forward, Thorn and Quinn Quernes are ambushed by two grave hunger zombies that have lain in wait. While fighting the grabs that they find themselves in, the rest of the group moves forward to assist them. From up another staircase, two dread zombies emerge with a boneshard skeleton. The battle rages, but the heroes are able to prevail. Again the coffins in this area all seem to be mysteriously empty, but they do find a Lunia’s Bracelet which is given to Ky’Vruck.

As the group descends down the staircase the undead appeared from, they see flickering green flame in the darkened room, as they approach they realize that its two flameskulls waiting for them. The skulls attack, hitting the majority of the group hard, and then zombies emerge from the gloom. The group presses forward, eager to close on the flameskulls and avoid their burst attacks. The group quickly cuts down the zombies, but are surprised by chillborn zombies that spring from nearby coffins. The chillborns’ aura of cold makes bypassing them difficult. The group takes significant damage but is able to get to the flameskulls in the end and defeat them. Searching the empty coffins reveals a pair of Bracers of Escape, which are claimed by Thorn. A thorough search of the room by Ky turns up a secret door, which has what appear to be magical runes etched into its frame.


Noooo, Bracers of Escape!

Episode 11

Going to have to convince Thorn to give those up, and I’m pretty sure the only thing Thorn likes more than shiny armbands is anal rape…

Episode 11

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