Just the Tip

Episode 10

Winterhaven Round-Up, Back to Fallcrest

The adventurers return to Winterhaven, where the villagers are overjoyed to hear the threat of the death cultists has been overcome. Lord Padraig thanks the group, informing him that he will contact the southern cities about bringing a garrison north to rebuild the Shadowfell Keep, to make sure this never happens again. Lord Padraig also informs the group that a Paladin of Bahamut recently passed through town looking for a group of adventurers to accompany him to Gardmore Abbey. While he didn’t have anyone to recommend at the time, Lord Padraig will try and contact the paladin and refer them to Just the Tip. The paladin continued on to Fallcrest and might be tracked down there.

After selling off their excess gear, the group is feted by the townsfolk before being set on their way to Fallcrest. Their journey is uneventful, and upon arriving in Fallcrest, they learn that the Cross City Race will be taking place in 7 days. The group eagerly begins to gather information about the race, learning from various sources the other racers who will be competing. Currently registered are: Dorian Light-Step, Gareth Cooper, Two-Teeth, Gazunda, and Tom Burgher. Another group of racers, the adventuring group Tam’s Talons has won the previous two years, but as of yet has not arrived in town.

The group attempts to get information on the route, and learns from Barstromun Strongbeard that Two-Teeth will be taking the Quay-side route, and a group of porters will have a rope down the cliff face that they will use to haul him up. They also learn that Gareth Cooper is a city guardsman, and will be trying to take the City Wall route. They also contacted Melech Ambrose who is taking bets on the race, they learned little from him other than the odds on the racers (though Paul of Quar did place a 4:1 bet on Gareth Cooper).

Feeling the need for action, the group decided to clear the Tombwood of undead, a task the Lord Warden and his Captain of the Guard were very happy they accepted. Upon entering the wood, they found the cliff side caves were guarded by skeletons, who were easily taken care of, but it brought the attention of a Flameskull and more skeletons. After a much more difficult battle, the group was able to defeat the Flameskull and explore the tomb it appeared from.



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