Setting: This game is part of the 4e Default – Points of Light Campaign Setting, established in Vancouver, BC on July 20th, 2011.

Rules: D&D 4e publications as well DDI content. Restricted to Default Campaign options, unless otherwise noted.

Setting: Points of Light (Nentir Vale)

Rating: Adult themes, NSFW.

Emphasis: A mix of Role Playing and Roll Playing. XP bonuses for good characterization and role playing are standard. XP Bonuses are standard for creating setting material- character journals, sketches, etc.

Starting Level: 1st Level, unless otherwise noted.

Starting Characters: Core 4e races and classes up to PHB3

Game Night: Every 2nd Saturday Evening 2pm-12am, at Snaryl’s Snack Shack. All attendees must follow the rules of the house.

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